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Our History


In January 1954, Nathaniel Barbera teamed up with Attorneys Clarence Shaver and Daryle Heckman and established the law firm of Shaver, Heckman & Barbera in Uptown Somerset.

With the passing of Mr. and Mrs. Shaver and the addition of Nat’s brother, John, in 1963, the firm officially became known as Barbera & Barbera.  By 1977, the firm’s tremendous successes and key additions of Sam Clapper, Jim Beener, Mary June Gross, and Joe Polakoski necessitated the relocation of the firm’s offices to its present address at 146 West Main Street.  The additional office space allowed the firm to further expand its practice over the next decade and a half with the strategic additions of Attorneys Dan Rullo, Vince Barbera, Melanie Barbera, Matt Melvin, Pat Svonavec, and Annette Barbera.  In 1993, the recently strengthened firm adopted its current name, Barbera, Clapper, Beener, Rullo & Melvin, LLP.  To this day, the firm continues to grow; most recently welcoming Attorneys Allie Rullo, Craig Sperlazza, and Mike Barbera to its legal team.


Our Firm Today


Today, the law firm of Barbera, Clapper, Beener, Rullo & Melvin, LLP promotes the services of thirteen highly qualified attorneys and nearly twenty hard-working and competent staff members. Since our inception in 1954, our firm has been blessed with the opportunity to continually and vigorously serve the people of Somerset County as well as clients all over the United States. These clients include individuals, businesses, school districts, and municipalities. Our practice areas span the likes of personal injury, energy leasing, general litigation, business law, real estate, estate planning and settlement, and more. Please see our Practice Areas page for more information.

As we prepare to celebrate our 60th anniversary, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our clients and friends whom we have had the pleasure of serving over the many years and we look forward to carrying on that tradition well into the future!